September 11, 2007

It's Just A Plant

The Dr. believes in education and the SAFE promotion of marijuana. When I discovered this children's book, It's Just a Plant, I was as very pleased.

It's Just a Plant is an illustrated children's book about marijuana. It follows the journey of a young girl as she learns about the plant from a diverse cast of characters including her parents, a local farmer, a doctor, and a police officer.

Marijuana can be difficult to talk about.

Many parents have tried marijuana, some
still use it. Neither feel great about disclosing such histories (many duck
the question), for fear that telling their kids might encourage them to experiment on their own.

Unfortunately, most "drug facts" that children learn in school are more frightening than educational, blaming pot for everything from teenage pregnancy to
terrorism. A child's first awareness of drugs should come from a better source

It's Just a Plant is a book for parents who want to educate their children about the complexities of pot in a thoughtful, fact-oriented manner.

This book in no way promotes children using marijuana. It just helps us adults who do use marijuana once we get caught and it makes sure that our children are properly educated. The book will soon be available at a dispensary near you.