September 8, 2007

Dr. Ingleweed has Found Someone Open on Sundays!!!

Dr. Ingleweed has found someone open on Sundays!! All American Healing Group. They are located in the heart of downtown Inglewood one block south of Manchester @ 126 1/2 Market Street. Their hours are from 11am - 7pm Monday thru Saturday AND NOW 10am-4pm Sundays!! You should do like the good Dr. does and drive over there on a Sunday at about 11am. Pick up a Latte on the way and for brunch get some of the Banana Nut Bread they sell. I usually finish mine on the way home so it doesn’t make it to brunch but that’s besides the point. The main thing is that they are open on Sundays and that is rare. For more information you can call 310-412-0557.