March 17, 2008

Indica or Sativa?

One of the most important decisions a medical marijuana user must make is picking the strain that works best to relieve his or her symptoms.

There are two basic strains in the marijuana family. Indica, the mother of all marijuana which is native to the Hindu Kush region of Afghanistan. The other is sativa, indicas offspring from across the Atlantic.

Sativas are more uplifting and make you  little more energetic. They are very good for depression and I use them to help with my anxiety.Indicas will often give you a pleasant body buzz and a general relaxed feeling. Indicas are also helpful with insomnia, inducing appetite and are considered the best strain for pain relief.

Often you will find strains that are half and half or a cross of the two stains. Crossing indicas and sativas is very helpful for people who suffer from many minor ailments for which marijuana is known to treat.

Finding the strain that's best suits you may not be easy. There will be trial and error. The best things you can do to help yourself out in this search is to keep a small journal and document what strains worked or didn't work for you and to come back and visit us so you can get more information on your medicine of choice. Don't feel shy ask question if you have them.

March 14, 2008

Ban Fake Kush

There has been a rage of FAKE KUSH going around the Los Angeles area. This is a disgrace and needs to be stopped, there is no problem with calling good marijuana by its rightful name. In my expirience there are only a few Kushes





and maybe some crosses ie MK-ULTRA and LA CONFEDENTIAL but they are what they are The MK ULTRA should be labled MK ULTRA not MK ULTRA KUSH Dynamite Kush or other crazy names that I've seen.